What is the drop-off/pick up particulars?

Please drop your child off at the main doors of the West Hillhurst Community Centre at your specified time (start times could vary depending on age and ice schedule). If any parent is more than 15 minutes late picking up their child from the time of their designated pick up, a late fee will be charged.

Is Equipment Supplied?

The children will be notified of the sport they will be playing on particular days ahead of time. If they do not own any equipment for the featured sport, it will be provided. Hockey equipment will also be available for lease for beginners with no hockey experience.

My child has some very severe allergies. How is this dealt with?

Each child is required to bring their own snack and lunch to camp each day. All children are will be instructed to not to share food. Children with severe allergies are required to have an epipen on their person. All supervisors will be made aware of any children who have allergy concerns.

Is there any guidance as to what my child or children need to bring with them?

All they need to bring is a snack and a packed lunch. If they happen to have equipment for the particular sport being played that day, please feel free to bring that as well. Please write your childs name on these items so they can be returned if lost.

Does my child need to know how to skate or play hockey?

We will be dividing the kids based both on age and ability. Kids who have previous hockey experience will be placed with similar groups, and our beginners will be given the opportunity to learn hockey from the basics up.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, featured sports are subject to change to indoor activities. We have access to community associations facilities including gymnasiums, and their multi-purpose rooms.

What if we don’t have any hockey equipment?

We have a leasing option available for any child who does not have a set of hockey equipment. For $22/day, you can rent a full set of gear, including helmet, skates, and stick.

What happens to the leased equipment?

Should you wish to purchase the equipment your child used during the camp, that option is available. Your leasing deposit will be subtracted from the total equipment cost. Any equipment that was used and not purchased will be donated to local charities to help get other children into hockey!