Funtastic Hockey & Sports Camp encourages kids ages 5-12 to try different sports and give them an opportunity to hone their skills. The program is designed to give the Funtastic Kids time on the ice while combining a variety of different sports and engaging activities. Our coaches strive to instill motivation and ambition, and at the same time nurturing love for all sports.

Kids are grouped by age and ability so they can receive personalized instruction and coaching by our trained staff. The coaches will introduce a new sport every day, which allows the children to get accustomed to a variety of athletics and build vital skills that are transferable to other sports. Some of the sports that the kids will take part in is baseball, flag football, rugby, swimming, and (of course), hockey.

What if your child has never tried playing hockey before? No problem! We have the ability to introduce kids to hockey in a safe and fun environment while simultaneously involving them in some of the others sports they might know and enjoy already.

It’s difficult to get involved with hockey if you can’t gauge your passion for it, and we want to remove those barriers and give every kid the chance to discover and share in our passion for the game.

To help with this, if you register your child as a beginner into the Funtastic Hockey and Sports Camp, we also offer a leasing option for equipment. There’s no obligation to purchase the equipment at the end of the camp, but if your child falls in love with hockey the option to buy the equipment is also available.

Leasing a full set of equipment is just $22/day — less than the cost of renting a snowboard at Canada Olympic Park! This option is available on our registration page. More information is available on our Q&A page.

The mornings will be dedicated to learning and understanding the rules of the specific game for that day. This will include practicing the skill sets needed as well as covering basic drills. After lunch their time will be allocated towards playing the sport of the day. The goal is to properly introduce these children to a variety of sports, making sure that they understand the fundamentals as well as simultaneously having the most fun possible.


$449 + GST


when you register with a friend


when you register for multiple weeks