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Funtastic Hockey & Sports Camp for Kids provides children aged 5-12 the opportunity to participate in multiple sports while honing their hockey skills with new friends. The Funtastic coaches are well trained and dedicated to providing your child a safe and fun environment. This week-long program is available to children of all levels and abilities.

Don’t Sit At Home!

Funtastic Hockey & Sports Camp is the perfect opportunity to get your child off the couch, and outside doing healthy activities! According to the LTAD model, a child being exposed to multiple sports will be more successful long-term!


At only $399 per week, the Funtastic Kids camp offers an affordable option for childcare, and also is a great experience for your child to improve their hockey skills and play a variety of other games and activities. You can also SAVE money with multiple credits and discounts! Find out more here.


Funtastic Hockey & Sports Camp is centrally located, and ideal for parents who work downtown with easy access to major road connections! Our location features a multi-purpose facility which allows for a wide range of activity options, both indoors and outside.

The Experience

The Funtastic experience provides children with the opportunity to broaden their athletic skill set. The children will also have a chance to create friendships, work on both their interpersonal and athletic skills, and challenge themselves to grow individually, all in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Our outstanding quality is 100% built on the amazing staff. Every Funtastic staff member brings energy, responsibility, compassion for children, and a love for sports to the program. The staff members are committed to providing these children a safe and positive atmosphere. Your child will be supervised at all times by our caring and dedicated staff.


The health of your child is of the utmost importance to us. Please be assured that health and safety procedures are in place and any emergency or health issues will be dealt with accordingly.

Be Ready For Evaluations

2 hours of ice time per day (10 hours per week) will help get your child ready for evaluations at the end of summer. Be ahead of the game when other players are just getting used to the ice again!

Perfect For You

The Funtastic Camp is a perfect choice for parents that work during the summer and need a trusted environment to leave their kids in. We keep the children busy with a variety of sports and activities during the day.

“You Miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take”

-Wayne Gretzky

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